For anyone wondering how they can take touching yourself up a notch...this one's for you. Pleasure is power, baby!

1. Savor, a waterproof clitoral suction vibrator that has the innovative technology to stimulate your clit with air pulse.

This little toy has an ergonomic design for easy handling and 10 sucking and vibration modes to blow your mind. It's USB-rechargeable and waterproof, so you can ensure this baby never runs out of juice and is available for you on your most lonely (or not so lonely) nights. If that didn't sound good enough, some reviewers say it can also feel awesome on your nipples.

Get it from Youvic for $64.99.

2. Blue Fantasy, a 6-inch tie-dye dildo that'll gift you with some seriously groovy climaxes.

A fantastic dildo with a jaw-dropping design that'll get you to climax really, really fast. With just the right girth and a smooth shape, you can give your butt and G-spot the royal treatment.

Get it from Youvic for $44.99.

3. Vic, a 3-in-1 Stimulator, cute design and waterproof, so you can get it on in the tub, shower, hot tub, pool and anywhere.

A novelty vibe with 10 mode vibrations for your breast and clit to send you over the hill again, and again, and again. It can be used on any and all exterior erogenous zones, so feel free to get creative with it.

Get it from Youvic for $38.99.

4. Purple Rain, 7.5" Pride Dildo, which is made of premium silicone, making it easy to use in various positions like doggy le or cowgirl and perfect for beginners, too!

It's designed with a suction cup base, which means — if you want to — you can attach it to the shower wall, tub basin, headboard, etc., and use it effortlessly. Because the base is round and flared, it makes this dildo perfectly suitable for anal since the base will prevent it from slipping all the way in or making it too difficult to remove.

Get it from Youvic for $68.99.

5. Barbara, a slim silicone clitoral stimulator designed with a gentle curve to specifically reach your G-spot and blow your mind with 5 vibration modes and frequencies.

Clitoris's G Slim G Spot Stimulator is the perfect instrument for intense pinpoint G-spot stimulation! The body is designed to look sleek and elegant, yet its head was designed to deliver more power to your g-spot for earth-shattering orgasms. This is a must-have for anyone who is looking for their first, or a new g-spot stimulator.

Get it from Youvic for $39.00.

6. Lucky, A 8-inch rainbow color dildo, with subtle texture for those who desire simplicity, and a beautiful array of colors for the fantasy lover in all of us.

This silky smooth dildo provides maximum satisfaction in both solo and partner play and can be used for both vaginal or anal penetration. This one's all about being hands-free, so take advantage of the suction cup base or attach it to a compatible strap-on harness.

Get it from Youvic for $72.99.

7. G-Thriller, a fully wrapped silicone G-spot vibrator, with 10 vibration settings offering limitless possibilities.

A best-selling vibrator that'll make sure beginners can easily join in on the fun. Its design needs only one button, making it super simple to control and explore with. Oh would you look at that — you're never leaving your bed.

Get it from Youvic for $54.99.

8. Bear, a 7.5-inch Pride Dildo that boasts a thick girth and shorter stature, with plenty of realistic detail for a more lifelike feel.

And if you're looking for something a little less jazzy, a girthy realistic dildo that, reviewers say, looks and feels like an actual penis. It's long and big enough, which is textured to give you some toe-curling sensations.

Get it from Youvic for $55.00.

9. Hop, a rabbit vibrator with independently controlled 3 gyrating speeds and 7 vibrating functions for simultaneous external and internal stimulation.

Seductively powerful, the Hop Rave Rabbit has a gyrating shaft and 2 points of vibration. Tiny bunny ears pulsate on your clit, while a smooth head targets your G-spot. Turn on some chill music, climb in, and let this gadget do all the work for you.

Get it from Youvic for $84.99.

10. Ruse, a 18-inch double-ended dildo, U-shaped, holds a curve and is loaded with creative possibilities.

A double-sided dildo both you and your boo can ride together. Or use it by your lonesome, whatever! Use it alone as a penetrative toy with added reach and let the curve guide its way to your G spot. You can get closer than ever with a partner or explore new positions for masturbating. With a length like that, you could certainly fill two holes at once...or at least try.

Get it from Youvic for $74.99.