Here are sex toys I think offer the most *bang* for your buck if you want to travel with them, whether by plane, train, or automobile. They are discreet, lean toward the quiet side, and some of them even include a case or travel-lock to keep your luggage from buzzing about mid-air or in the backseat.

1. Waterdrop, which is an innovative vibrator from Youvic stimulates the vulva for external pleasure with or without a partner. You can hold the product in one hand and add a little cuteness to your life. A minimalist vibrator that has 7 speeds and a tapered tip for targeted stimulation. This vibe includes a convenient carrying bag for when you eventually decide to take it on the go.

Promising review: "Don’t let the size of this little guy fool ya. It packs a punch in a very good way. It’s very soft with the material that it is made of. You can use it in all parts of your body you didn’t think you could. It hits the right spots." –Phoenix E.

Get it from Youvic for $49.00.

2. Peak, a variable speed massager with a gender-inclusive design so darn good lookin' you just might have found a new favorite piece of home decor in your personal massager. We designed the vibe's shape and flutter tip in-house for focused external stimulation. the vibe can be used solo or with a partner.

Promising review: "This vibe is sleek and whisper quiet with a decent vibration strength. The packaging is discreet and understated. I absolutely recommend it." –Lucille E.

Get it from Youvic for $48.99.

3. Sara, which is a Bullet Love Egg made of super-soft silicone that feels incredibly creamy, smooth against your most sensitive areas. Add some lubrication and discover its supple, erotic sensations as it glides over your thrill-hungry erogenous zones. A discreet, petite shape makes it easy to carry on-the-go or have ready on your nightstand.

Promising review: "After 2 kids I suuuuuper need this. I'm hopeful it will help make sex more fun than ever before the littles. At any rate, it looks pretty and the vibes are pretty powerful for such a small toy!" –Hanna K.

Get it from Youvic for $46.99.

4. Blue Genie is a mini clitoral licking vibrator perfectly in the palm of your hand and an oral sex simulator, for mind-blowing licking and vibrations that simulate a tongue-like sensation. Nine settings will take you on a pleasure trip as you work your way up from a lil' tease to an intense pulse while you have some me time.

Promising review: "This is a very intense and effective toy. The flexible "tongue" licks back and forth at different speeds, there also have many vibration intensities along with the tongue movements for overwhelming sensations. Far more intense than any other toy I have used." –Sage.

Get it from Youvic for $54.99.

5. Love Ring, a flexible cock ring designed with stretchy silicone to help your penis-packing partner stay harder for longer, so you both get yours. Its small stature design and portable case mean it can be carried in your luggage, backpack, purse — even your pocket.

Promising review: "Big things in small packages, here....very intense and surprising for its size.....wife.....loves it, to say the least. Works as it should for both, once you've got it in place. Can be used in quite a few different ways....depending on your imagination!" –Doog

Get it from Youvic for $14.99.